Sunlite Battery Factory

Client: Quasem Group            

Date: 26 July 2017           

Category: Factory           

Location: Gazipur

Quasem Industries Ltd. established in 1980 is the largest drycell manufacturing and first ISO Certified Company in Bangladesh with new era of modern battery manufacturing technology. Today QIL has emerged as leading manufacturer of UM-1, UM-3 and UM-4 batteries and battery operated products like Flash light , Reading lapms, LED Bicycle Headlight & Metal Can. At present it has a local market share of approx 70-75% for Batterites, a number that has grown rapidly over the years and will do so for many years to come. QIL has established itself as a producer of quality batteries and this image is reflected in the price premium enjoyed by its brand “SUNLITE”.

Center for Structural Associates (CSA) Provided complete solutions for their Structural Designing, Electrical Design, Plumbing, 3D Mockup etc.

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