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Structure is
a subliminal art.

We are a vibrant, responsive Bangladesh-based consultancy company. Since 2009, our engineers have provided technical advice and management support for big and small projects.

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We shape
Your building.

CSA provides a single source of overall project coordination from start to finish. This professional service provides you with the highest level of project efficiency by maintaining control of design, scope, time, cost and quality.

Our Story.

Innovative Structural Engineering Services & Solutions Throughout the Bangladesh

Works Ethos .

The mission of CSA is to deliver outstanding design ideas and solutions through the creative combination of human need, sustainable development, business growth, science and art.

Our deep structural engineering knowledge lays the foundation for our company. At the same time, our state-of – the-art expertise ensures that we offer fresh perspectives.

Cutting-edge Tech .

At CSA, we maintain a higher standard — in the solutions that we develop for our customers, in our collaborative approach to problem solving, in the integrity that guides our every move. By providing exceptional structural engineering design and our commitment to excellence, CSA brings value to our customers. While honoring tight budgets and aggressive deadlines, we deliver creative solutions.

Our Services.

Combined with innovative design knowledge, our quality structural engineering solutions cover a number of fields including commercial, residential, industrial and institutional.

Construction Management

CSA offers a successful solution to traditional building procurement techniques. To accomplish customer expectations, it enables a professional technique of project delivery including design management, procurement and on-site construction, without using the Contractor Management.

Retrofitting Service

Refitting building systems, including maintenance, rehabilitation and reinforcement, is not only a major issue in urban construction and management, but also a common problem for structural technicians in estate management fields.  CSA provides service to solve those problems in your building.

Design & Drawing

We have the knowledge to handle all elements of the process from paper to reality, from design and engineering to manufacturing and assembly, in-house. Our designs throughout the Bangladesh can address normal and non-standard, permanent and temporary constructions.

Recent Projects.

Regardless of the distinctive dynamics, challenges and complexities of each project, we are proud of our job norms and the satisfaction of our clients.

Reset Dreams


Cambrian School & College, Ishwardi


Sunlite Battery Factory


Hi-Tech Medical Centre Ltd.


Dr. Din Mohammad Clinic


Sunlite Trading & Services Ltd


Manama Arcadia


Blooms Bury


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CSA designers are rooted in technical excellence, driven by imagination

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